Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your Fantasy Draft -- Now with Video!

Fantasy Postseason has integrated with TokBox's OpenTok API to provide video conferencing during the live draft experience.

Here are the steps required to add video to your live draft:

1) In league setup, commissioners need to set 'Enable Live Video Sharing for Draft' to Yes.

2) League members should be running Adobe Flash 10.3 or newer for echo suppression.  Also note that users may want to use headphones or earphones if their mic and speakers are too close together.

3) After entering the draft room from your league's home page, users need to select the Enable Live video option under the 'Options' panel.

4) At this point, users will need to provide local camera access to and they will be ready to have a video-enabled live fantasy draft.  The current video feed will show the user that is currently drafting.