Monday, March 14, 2011

Fantasy Drafting and Relative Value Ratings

Winning in fantasy sports is all about understanding the relative value of players. At Fantasy Postseason, we offer a unique 5-star rating system that helps you figure out the relative value of players compared to other players at their position and compared with other players on their team. These ratings are calculated dynamically based upon your league's custom settings and can be a powerful tool in assisting you during draft time.

Position Rating

If your league contains positional roster requirements you want to pay attention to a player's Position Rating. You want to expend high draft picks on players that have a 4 or 5-star Position Rating. These players are standouts at their position.

Rating on Team

In postseason fantasy there is great emphasis placed on choosing the best players on teams that advance deep into the playoffs. A player's team rating gives you a sense for how well that player stacks up to other players on their same team. If a team is loaded with several really good players, these players will likely have a 3-star Team Rating. You should place less of a premium on these players and if possible, you should try to wait until later rounds before you draft them. However, if you have the opportunity to draft a 5-star player on a team that you think has a chance to win it all, you should snap up that player with a quickness.