Thursday, December 30, 2010

Setup Tip: Fantasy Football FLEX Designations

Fantasy Postseason contains several roster configuration options. One area that solicits a decent number of questions is around the W/R, W/T and FLEX designations.

W/R means that this slot can be filled by either a wide receiver or running back.

W/T means that this slot can be filled by either a wide receiver or tight end.

FLEX can be filled by ANY position including a DEF or QB.

One thing to note is that during league setup our site validates league configurations to ensure that each team manager will be able to draft a starting QB or DEF. FLEX designations are factored into this validation, making sure that there are enough QBs and DEFs for each team in the event that a manager drafts more than one of each. After all, there are only 12 starting QBs and DEFs in the NFL Playoffs.

If you want to create a league with no roster position requirements, simply configure for a league with all FLEX players as in a FLEX(8) or FLEX(10) setting. (This means that QB, WR, TE fields would be set to zero).

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Perry's 2010 Playoff Fantasy Quarterbacks

In regular season fantasy football, it has long been held as common knowledge that running backs take a team to a championship. While running backs will always be important to a successful fantasy season, I think we are in the midst of a change in which having a dominant quarterback is becoming increasingly important. This season, no team with a decent quarterback preferred running over passing. Teams such as the Chiefs, Raiders, and Falcons ran the ball more somewhat because they had good running attacks, but more due to the fact that none of their quarterbacks were All Pros. Other than Michael Turner and Jamal Charles, the top running backs are all staying home. In fact, according to ESPN standard scoring, the top four running backs – Arian Foster, Peyton Hillis, Adrian Peterson, and Darren McFadden (along with number six Chris Johnson and likely number eight Maurice Jones-Drew) – will be staying home when the playoffs start.

While this might mean that you should definitely start your draft with Turner (who wouldn’t be a bad pick), you should also make sure that you get a top quarterback. Unlike the top runners, five of the six top quarterbacks will be represented in the postseason. Only Philip Rivers will not be vying for the Super Bowl, and he kind of pooped out at the end of the season anyway. Jay Cutler, Marc Sanchez, and the NFC West representative will have a quarterback who rated outside of the top 13. Cutler and Sanchez have been playing better of late (especially as they faced off last weekend). Either Sam Bradford or the Seahawks pupu platter of Matt Hasselbeck or Charlie Whitehurst will likely only be involved in one game.

Tom Brady should be the first pick off the board. He has had the second best season of his career. He needs 299 yards in a meaningless Week 17 games to eclipse the 4000-yard barrier for the fourth time in his career. More importantly to fantasy owners is the fact that he topped 30 TD’s for the second time. Since the Patriots lost to Cleveland in Week 9, Brady has thrown 20 TD’s in the eight-game winning streak. He only has 303 combined passing yards yards in the last two weeks, but the Patriots are just as likely to pass in the redzone as they are to hand the ball off to BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

If you don’t want to choose Brady first or have the second pick, Michael Vick makes sense. He led most fantasy leagues in points, despite missing three weeks and playing only part of one other game. The Eagles will likely host their wild card game, and then head on the road. Fortunately, Vick has played very well away from Philadelphia and has 16 passing TD’s and five rushing TD’s. The Eagles no less than 26 points in the last seven games and have topped 30 points in their last three games (all wins).

The only other quarterback I’d consider with a top pick is Drew Brees. The Saints wrote the plan last year that every other team seemed to copy. They used their running attack as a counterpunch to a high octane passing game. While Brees may have seemed better in the Saints’ Super Bowl run, his final 2010 numbers will be comparable to 2009. He has more than 4300 yards passing for the fifth consecutive season (every season since joining New Orleans). Brees has thrown a career-high 21 interceptions, but the upside for him is that he brings the playoff fire like last year when he had eight TD’s and no interceptions in the Saints’ three playoff wins.

Depending on how the match ups line up, the next few quarterbacks to consider are Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers. They are on opposite ends of their careers, but neither team runs the ball effectively enough to take much defensive focus away from the quarterback. Manning has multiple TD’s in each of the last six weeks and has only thrown two picks in the last three games. Rodgers looked fully recovered from the Week 14 concussion suffered against the Lions by torching the Giants for four TD’s and 404 yards. Rodgers has also run for four more TD’s. Neither Manning nor Rodgers are in the playoffs yet, but both would be first round picks if (and when) they make it.

I think Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Marc Sanchez are similar. The Ravens and Jets are particularly two sides of the same coin. Both teams have strong defenses (albeit possibly somewhat overhyped), a bushel full of name receivers, and quarterbacks that are inconsistent. Ryan is also somewhat inconsistent, but the Falcons’ running game is much stronger than Baltimore and New York. Turner should be drafted before Ryan and Ray Rice goes before Flacco, but the Jets runners have not set themselves apart. Sanchez could well be the first Jet drafted.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t spend a few words on Cutler. I am a Bear fan, so you can take these words with a grain of salt. Although the Bears were able to gain a few yards on the ground against the Jets, this is Cutler’s offense. Interestingly, the Bears have not thrown the ball more than 26 times in the last six weeks, but Cutler has six TD’s in the last two weeks. He had four TD’s in 14 completions against the Eagles in Week 12. I’d rate Cutler ahead of the three quarterbacks discussed in the previous paragraph, but I can’t say that my bias doesn’t play into that. They are probably all on the same tier. Choose wisely and you could do very well.

Perry Missner provides content for Fantasy Postseason. He is also the lead writer and editor for College Fantasy Basketball Insider, a writer for the Fantasy Football Oasis, and the Secretary of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Playoff Fantasy Football - 2010/11

League registration for the NFL playoffs at is now open - create or join a league today! Drafts begin on 12/28/10; the playoffs begin on 01/08/11.

Friday, December 10, 2010

New Features

We had a busy November at after the MLB Playoffs came to a close. Here are some of the new features to keep an eye out for:
  • Support for up to 50 managers (from 25)
  • Ability for managers to create their own offline teams (from commissioner only)
  • Improved handling of benches with transactions on 'My Team' page
  • Improved sorting on 'My Team' page
  • New sports graphics

Welcome back, and good luck in your leagues!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

College Football Bowl Sign-ups Open

The College Football bowl league sign-ups at are now open - create or join a league today! The college football bowl season begins on 12/18/10.